Welcome to Banks Angola

Banks Angola has been active since June 2018 and aims to catalog all the Banks in the Angolan territory.
All banks, agencies or cities with credit institutions can be viewed easily.
You can search by name, address, or city - it's simple and you'll get immediate results.

You'll find each Bank's legal name, logo, official website, address, telephone number, and more useful informations.
In addition, a map will help you understand where the bank is located.

The database is updated every day with the latest banks entered and displayed on the Home Page, as well as those recently visited by users.

Please keep in mind that all data in the database derive from public domain sources that were published on the Internet.

To date, 20 banks are included, whose 1218 agencies are present in 147 cities

Latest agencies

Bank: BFA
City: Luanda
Bank: BIC
City: Kuíto